Are you studying at school, now? Or, do you need a crash course to be able to get by in another country? In any case, learning a new language is a daunting task. It is imperative to know how to quickly study and learn the right things in the right way. Below is our suggestion.

Pick from one of our professionally created packs of the most used words in all languages. This way you immediately start learning real words that people use everyday in real word situations. Once you master the basics, learning the rest of the languages rules and conventions will be smoother.

Step 1:

Virtual flash cards for Vocabulary and Grammar

First you will download the free flash card program Anki. This smart program helps you train and memorize words in a smart progressive way. If used daily, you could learn hundreds of new words in just a month. Then be on your way to actually speaking in your core language.

Step 2:

Download a language pack for the language you want to learn. Just simply open the pack up on your phone, tablet, or computer. Anki will open up and import your language pack. Currently these packages are free !!

Step 3:

Start studying and learning the basics. It’s best if you can study everyday or as often as you can. Just 10 minutes a day will really help you remember more. You’ll see the best results if you can study often through the week and you’ll learn very quickly.

Step 4:

Speak! Start using the new words you learn. If you’re in a school already, or in a country where the language is spoken. You’ll start speaking more effortlessly. Remember you forget what you don’t use. It is important you speak and use the new words and vocabulary you learn.

If you don’t have many chance to speak, keep studying with Anki, so you remember everything you’ve learned.